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May 30

Everything You Need to Know About the 42" Waterline Project

Posted on May 30, 2017 at 3:57 PM by Katie Stamy

When the Southeast Water Purification Plant has lines rupture and pipes burst, our community has to ration water and refer to emergency back-up wells. The 42” waterline which supplies the City of Webster with every drop of water, has exceeded its life expectancy and has had numerous leaks recently.

In order to replace the waterline, water rates for the City will be elevated beginning in 2018. The base water rates have not changed since 2012, and the new rates are adjusted to 2018 service levels and will rise each year modestly after that. A residential customer with a 5/8” meter would see an increase from $5.31 to $6.07 in 2018.

City staff worked closely with Nelisa Heddin Consulting, LLC to create a rate structure that is fair and equitable among customer classes and provides sufficient revenue to recover expected costs over the next five years. During the May 2 City Council Meeting, a rate structure was approved with a minimum water bill based on meter size. Residential customers will receive 2,000 gallons for domestic usage with their minimum bill. 

The City of Webster strives to exceed the public’s expectations with efficient and effective processes. The replacement of the waterline was inevitable and will benefit the City in the long run.