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May 05

Five Reasons to Get Involved

Posted on May 5, 2017 at 10:13 AM by Katie Stamy

“The spirit and strength of the Webster community lie in the hands of the citizens who volunteer,” said Webster Mayor Donna Rogers. 

Here are five reasons why YOU should get involved and join a Webster board or commission this year. 

1. Learn more about Webster: You will have a unique opportunity to learn about every aspect of city government, from parks and recreation to planning and zoning.

2. The work is rewarding: During two, three or five-year terms, you will make important decisions for the future of the City and see first hand how the decisions impact the community.

3. Meet new people: During board meetings that are typically held once per month on weeknights, you will meet others who share similar cares and concerns.

4. Gain leadership experience: By participating in a Webster board or commission, you hold the important role of being the voice for others in your community.

5. Be the change: By volunteering your time, experience, and knowledge, you will make Webster a better place to live, work, and play.

Members must be registered voters in the City and attendance of the regularly scheduled meetings is imperative. Visit to review the various summaries of responsibilities while looking for a board or two that pique your interest. Nomination applications are available on the website, or you may contact City Secretary Crystal Roan at 281.316.4101.

Webster’s value and character are strengthened with every act of volunteerism. Make a difference and volunteer!