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Feb 28

Celebrating 315 years

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 10:08 AM by Katie Stamy

The City of Webster takes pride in the many employees who have spent multiple years serving the community. During the 2017 Service Awards Luncheon 26 employees were recognized for their dedication and drive. 

5 year recipients: Michelle Alexander, Court • William Beale, Public Works • Heather Furst, Community Development •Shawn Keesler, Fire

10 year recipients: Jesus Espinoza, Public Works •David Glasco, Public Works • Shannon Hicks, Public Works •Susan Hopkins, Police • Nathan Hughes, Police •David Locascio, Police • Clyde Pray, Police • Sylvia Quintana, Police • Mike Rodgers, Finance • Michael Rodriguez, IT • Erica Sallier, Police • Ryan Sprinkle, Police • John Vaughn, Police

15 year recipients: Arturo Ayala, Public Works • Nancy Ludlow, Police • Richard Parkin, Community Development • Helen Warren, Community Development

20 year recipients: Billy Beran, Public Works •Mary Fox, Community Development • Deborah Cooley, Police • James “Rusty” Lovel, Police

25 YEAR RECIPIENT: Dan Zambory, Public Works