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Jan 27

City Hall Connect

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 8:00 AM by Katie Stamy

Wayne Sabo- web.jpg
At just five years old, Webster City Manager Wayne Sabo told his mom that he wanted to be a soldier, and he never wavered from that passion. 

On the west side of Chicago, in a Hungarian neighborhood, he attended high school and was a Military Cadet for four years in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). Following high school, he attended college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he continued for four more years as a Military Cadet in the ROTC serving in both units as the Cadet Battalion Commander. 

Knowing that he would be commissioned in the Army, Wayne decided to major in Urban Development. It was not something he was particularly interested in at the time, but it was something that paid off in the end, he said. 

Upon graduation in 1972, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry and was a Distinguished Military Graduate. 

His military career took him all over the globe. From Fort Benning to Forts Hood and Leavenworth, and from Vietnam, to Germany, to Israel and all points in the Middle East, Wayne became a well-traveled man. 

Holding many high-ranking positions spanning Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel, he would go on to be a Commander in the 3rd United States Infantry and Escort to the President (The Old Guard) for President Reagan. 

Texas became his home after over a year in Iraq during Desert Storm. He retired from the military and started up an environmental company, Byotech Services in 1993. The company ultimately got him involved in municipalities, advising cities and industry on wastewater plants and issues.

His Urban Development degree became valuable when he began working for cities including Manvel, Alvin, and La Porte as a City Administrator, City Planner/Public Services Director and Director of Community Development and Engineering. 

In 2008, he heard that the City of Webster was hiring a City Manager and he decided to send in his resume. After two challenging interviews filled with tough questions from the Webster City Council, he was offered the job. 

Under the leadership of Wayne and City Council, each department in Webster has seen a positive change. Most notably, the fire department has transformed from a volunteer department with a 12-14 minute night time response, to a full-time department with a 4 minute 24/7 response time. He doubled the size of the wastewater plant, giving the City room to grow in the future, and he created four new internal Code Enforcement positions without adding Staff. The list of the positive changes he has made throughout the City is unending.

On the weekends, Wayne cheers his daughter Deirdre and horses on at United States Dressage Federation Competitions. She operates an 80-acre equestrian center with 70 horses in Belton, TX, that Wayne and his wife Morag enjoy visiting. Deirdre was a 2016 United States Championship Silver Medalist.

He is an animal lover, with four dogs and six cats. Over the past twenty years, 16 stray animals have wound up on his five-acre property and found their way into his heart. 

He served his local community for ten years as the President of the Manvel Economic Development Corporation and still serves as Vice President of both the Iowa Colony Zoning Board of Adjustment and Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 29. 

In the past nine years, the City has progressed considerably, and it is clear that the dedicated City Council along with City Manager Wayne Sabo, have been instrumental in that. 

“I love this City and the staff,” said Wayne. “Our City Council is focused and understands the vision for the City, and you can’t get much better than that.”

Wayne can be contacted at