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Dec 20

Don't Be A Victim

Posted on December 20, 2016 at 5:25 PM by Katie Stamy

Car burglaries are on the rise, but they can be easily avoided. 

The Webster Police Department has launched a new initiative to prevent vehicle burglaries within the City.

Signs will be placed in parking lots reminding shoppers to lock their cars, take their keys, and remove their valuables. 

It only takes a thief seconds to break a car window, open the door, and steal your belongings.

To keep it from happening to you when shopping, take your purchases home before going to the next store. 

Always take your keys and lock your doors, and if you see suspicious behavior in the parking lots, call the police. 

If you think hiding your items under your seat or in your center console will keep them safe, think again. 

Don’t be a victim. Lock your car, take your keys, and remove your valuables.