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Oct 20

We Are Webster

Posted on October 20, 2016 at 3:15 PM by Katie Stamy

IMG_1483_thumb.jpgAn actor, a singer, and a former council member, Bill Jones has been a resident since 2004, and his affinity for the City and its many residents is apparent.

It began for Bill after his mother moved to Webster, and he started taking her to the City’s senior events. He got to know former Mayor Floyd Myers, and soon found himself running for a position on Council. He was then elected and served as Council Member Position 6 until 2014. Currently, he serves on the Webster Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Board, but also served on the 2015 Charter Review Commission. 

Aside from his enthusiasm for city government, Bill has always had a passion for performing, spending countless nights singing karaoke with friends. In December of 2010, he decided to give acting a try and starred in his first musical at a local playhouse. 

In the past six years, he has played a part in 25 shows and expects that number to reach 29 by the end of 2016. In the past, he has grown a beard, memorized confusing Shakespear lines, and spent 45 minutes in a casket for performance, and he would do it all again. Most recently, he played a part in Hot Bed Hotel at Franca’s Real Italian Restaurant and Dinner Theatre and said it was one of his favorite roles.

When preparing for a show, he spends four days a week for three to four weeks practicing lines. Once it gets closer to the day of the show, rehearsal becomes more intense. Typically a show will run for a few weeks with three performances every weekend. The dedicated actors spend all this time preparing, but not for pay. The applause and reactions from the audience are what Bill says makes all the practice and rehearsal time worth it. 

He encourages those in the community to step out of their comfort zones and join the acting world. According to him, it has been a great experience and has given him the opportunity to become more involved and meet fascinating people in the community.