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Oct 20

Bald Eagles in Webster

Posted on October 20, 2016 at 3:11 PM by Katie Stamy

The City of Webster is a bird sanctuary, meaning that the shooting and capturing of birds is prohibited. However, the watching and monitoring of birds in the community is very much legal, and the City recently became involved with the observance of two bald eagles that have called Webster home for the past three years.

It started in December 2013, when Paul and Elsie White saw two large birds perched on a tree near their Webster residence. When the birds began to build a nest in a tree next to the White’s home, it became apparent that these were not ordinary birds, but two beautiful bald eagles. In the following months, the birds spent most of their time in the area, and in Spring of 2014, the couple watched as one chick ventured out onto the edge of the nest.

The birds eventually left for summer, but in November of 2014, the parents returned and began refurbishing their Webster nest. The White’s then watched from below as two chicks ventured out to the edge of the nest. 

Once again, the birds left for summer, but this time, the Webster residents took action and installed a video camera to get an up-close look at the birds. 

When the parents returned in November 2015, Paul and Elsie watched on a television in their home and recorded video clips and captured photos of the bald eagle’s daily activities to post on Facebook. The couple referred to the birds as Mama and Papa Webster, and they quickly gathered a following. 

In October, the White’s came to Webster City Council to request the help of Webster Public Works Crews to take the camera down to do service work before the next nesting cycle. The council unanimously approved the request.

Paul White invites the community to keep up with the flying friends by following him on Facebook for regular video and photo updates. According to him, the nesting cycle will begin in early November. 

Visit the City of Webster Facebook page to find shared posts of the bald eagles from Paul White’s Facebook page.