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Oct 20

2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget

Posted on October 20, 2016 at 3:09 PM by Katie Stamy

After months of calculations and workshops to put together the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Annual Budget for the City of Webster, as of October 1, the budget has been adopted and implemented. With the new budget, residents are paying less than $9 a day for all city services, including public safety. The total resources for the budget are $39,975,890, while expenditures equal only $35,668,450.

Fifty-eight percent of the general fund revenue is derived from sales taxes. While this fiscal year budget anticipates sales tax revenue to fall one percent to $12 million, the Webster Economic Development Corporation has aggressively ramped up its business recruitment and retention efforts, and are optimistic there may actually be an increase in revenue in the coming years.

The fiscal year budget reflects a property tax rate of $0.28450 per $100 of valuation, Although the tax rate went up, the increase is only $38 increase to a home valued at $100,000 for an entire year of city services.

Of the $11 million budgeted for public safety, $8 million is included for police protection. 

Personnel costs increase in the fire department as it converts from a part-time/hybrid department to one with full-time professional firefighters. Constituents benefit with crew continuity and adequate shift coverage.

City Council created the Department of Emergency Management in June 2016. Operating with existing staff, its $325,940 budget is derived from realigning other departments. 

Within the Community Development budget, two seasonal Computer Lab Counselor positions were added to the budget for $12,050 to provide an after-school program for students. 

Sewer rates and drainage fees increase to provide funds for additional personnel. A new Utility Operator will allow for more frequent inspections of grease traps at restaurants, and a dedicated equipment operator for the street sweeper will keep our roadways clean. The utility bill for a resident who consumes 5,000 gallons of water will rise less than eighty cents per month for these service enhancements. 

Payments on tax-supported debt comprise only six percent of all appropriations included in the annual budget. Payments over the next five years will average over
$2 million. 

Conservative management has placed the City of Webster in a sound financial position, City Manager Wayne Sabo said. The General Fund and Utility Fund have healthy reserves. The external threats to our sales tax base, however, cannot be overlooked, which may have an impact on future property tax rates. Webster, however, still maintains one of the lowest property tax rates in the region.

The entire 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget can be found on the city website,