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Sep 22

We Are Webster

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 4:54 PM by Katie Stamy


Allyne and Mike Ratliff first met while attending Webster High School. Mike, a Seabrook native, played on the football team and Allyne was a twirler. 

The two were acquaintances at best, and in 1961 they graduated high school and went their separate paths. Mike worked as a customer service agent for several airlines while Allyne was a school teacher.

The pair reconnected in 2004 at a Webster High School Alumni monthly luncheon, 43 years after graduating and a romance blossomed between the two. 

After teaching for 32 years, Channel 13 covered Allyne’s retirement party at Clear Lake City Elementary School. It was there that Mike and Allyne shocked their loved ones by inviting them to a surprise wedding. “By the way, you are all invited to our wedding in ten minutes,” Allyne recalled telling her friends and family during the retirement party.

The couple and their loved ones gathered in the school’s library. Allyne’s daughter was her maid of honor, her fellow first-grade teachers were the bridesmaids, her son gave her away, a fifth-grade teacher married the two, and it was all captured by Channel 13 News. 

The couple currently resides in Allyne’s childhood home built in 1943 by her parents, Alan and Arlyne Weber. Alan was principal of Webster High School and Arlyne was a second-grade teacher at Webster Elementary School.

According to Allyne and Mike, when NASA came to the area, Webster grew considerably. When the two came back to Webster after graduating from college, the City had transformed. What was once a deer pasture had turned into NASA Pkwy. The only building that has remained the same is The Hop at the corner of NASA Pkwy. and Hwy. 3. Though the frame of the building is the same, it used to be an ice house before becoming a grocery store, the couple said. Since then, the Ratliff’s have seen the City continue to progress abundantly.

Recently, Mike and Allyne donated a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that was painted by Margaret S. McWhirter in 1945 and gifted to Allyne’s parents. The public can view the art at the Webster Recreation Center, 311 Pennsylvania Ave. The City of Webster thanks Mike and Allyne Ratliff for preserving and sharing the history of Webster and the surrounding areas with the community!