Digital File Submissions

The City of Webster requires Digital File Submissions as Part of The Building Permit Process For All Projects. 

  1. Purpose
    Digital files will assist the GIS Division to update and provide more efficient access to spatial data used by City government and emergency services.
  2. Projects Requiring Digital File Submissions
    Digital files are required for all construction projects, commercial or residential.
  3. What to Submit
    Two things:
    I) A single, multi-page PDF file for the entire project.  This must be an exact replica of the paper copies that are delivered to the City's Building Department.  This will enable City Hall staff to re-print at the push of a button.

    - PDF pages must be in the exact same order as the hard-copy deliverable.

    - If, during the review process, the Building Department requires edits to one or more pages, you must resubmit the entire PDF project with the new pages integrated and the old, outdated pages removed.  Do not just send the replacement pages in on a second CD.

    - The PDF must be set at the same paper-size as  the hardcopy printed deliverable.  The purpose is to enable page reprints from .PDF without loss of scale.

    II ) .DWG AutoCAD file(s) are required for the civil portion of the project only which is the site layout for such things as water, sewer, drainage, parking lot, building footprint, etc. This will enable City Hall staff to overlay and merge new infrastructure into existing GIS data.   EXCEPTIONS: If your project is an interior remodel only, then there is no need for AutoCAD files we would just need the multi-page .PDF's. Also exempt from AutoCAD submissions are single-family home developments, only the multi-page PDF's are required.
  4. Accuracy Requirements
    The data must be a proportionally accurate representation of the construction project, and with a defined scale.
  5. When to Submit
    The submission of digital files is required as part of the permitting process. Each time paper plan copies are submitted a CD or DVD of digital files must also be submitted with them.  The absence of, or inaccurate, incomplete or non-compliant digital submissions will require correction before the City issues a Building Permit.
  6. Where to Submit Digital Format Documents
    Files should be placed on a CD or DVD and submitted along with paper-copy plans to:
    Building Dept.
    City Hall
    101 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Webster, TX  77598
  7. What if You Are Unable Submit Digital Files?
    In the very rare circumstance that a drawing was done by hand and there are no computerized files, a mapping fee will be charged.  This fee will be used to replicate the necessary portions of your paper documents into a digital format.
  8. Questions?
    Contact Richard Parkin of the GIS Section at telephone 281.316.4132.