Support Services: Communications
The Communications Division is a very vital part of the Webster Police Department. As a division we take great pride in providing the best quality service to the Citizens of Webster and Nassau Bay, as well as to the Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS personnel that we serve.

As with any Communications Division, we are the first point of contact for citizens and a lifeline for our field personnel, a responsibility we take very seriously. We look for enthusiastic, community-oriented team players that have the skills and ability to interact and deal effectively with a population that is culturally and socio-economically diverse.

We place strong emphasis on customer service and are committed to a Community Oriented Policing philosophy as is the entire department. The Communications Division is actively working on community education programs. They currently have four certified Child Safety Seat Technicians that regularly conduct Car Seat Education and Inspection appointments with parents.

The Communications Division dispatches for the following agencies:

  • Webster Police Department
  • Webster Fire Department
  • Webster EMS
  • Nassau Bay Police Department
  • Nassau Bay Fire Department
  • Nassau Bay EMS
  • Southeast Volunteer Fire Department
  • Southeast EMS
  • Lakeview Police Department (Taylor Lake Village and El Lago)

The Department operates on a 12-hour shift structure with flexible shift exchanges and shifts are bid by seniority once a year.

The Communications Division provides training for new employees including all required DPS and TCLEOSE certifications. Training topics include, but are not limited to telephone and radio procedures, geography, CPR, job-related terminology, and use of numerous in-house and statewide computer systems. The Communications Division has some of the finest equipment available to law enforcement which includes a new CAD system, Enhanced 911 with mapping, all in a brand new state-of-the-art Communications Center.

Police Communications can be a very interesting and exciting career. There are opportunities to create positive impacts on the Community and the calls for service are wide-ranging making this job anything but boring.

The Communications Division is comprised of the following:

  • 4 Lead TCO’s/shift supervisors:
    • D. Cooley, N. HughesK. Hamm and M. Marquez-Gonzalez
  • 8 Certified TCO’s:
    • N. Ludlow,  E. Harris, J. Barrett, T. Brown, H. Wilson, A. Lewin, Z. Koenig, G. Green
  • 1Records Clerks:
    • L. Folks