Office of Professional Standards

 Office of Professional Standards
Sergeant C. Pray                                                                                                                                                                      JW1_4ClydeP                                                                                                   

One of the primary responsibilities of any modern law enforcement agency is have in place a mechanism that monitors the activities of their employees to ensure that each and every employee is acting with integrity and professionalism.

With that in mind, the Webster Police Department has taken a proactive approach by establishing the Office of Professional Standards. The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is staffed by a Sergeant who works directly for the Chief of Police. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for the recruitment and selection of future employees, the training of current employees, and the investigation of citizen complaints, internal matters or those matters I assign to him. Although the Office of Professional Standards is the office responsible for investigating citizen complaints, depending on the nature of the complaint, some of these could be referred to the employee's immediate supervisor for investigation. 

It is our goal, to provide the best possible police service to our community, which is why we rigorously monitor the activities of our employees to maintain the highest possible standards of conduct. 

As our professional employees perform their duties we know that there are times that a citizen may want to commend the agency or an employee, for outstanding performance. We are very interested in hearing about good performance because it validates exactly what we are trying to do; provide the very best service possible. There are also times that we may not meet your expectations we want to hear about these occurrences as well.


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How to contact us 

Citizens, who wish to commend or express a concern with the agency or an employee, may contact us in the following ways:

1. By mail or in person at:

Webster Police Department
Office of Professional Standards
217 Pennsylvania Avenue
Webster, Texas 77598

2. Through our website:

3. By Phone: 

  • Office of Professional Standards 281-316-4165
  • On-Duty Supervisor 281-332-2426