Recreation Building

Recreation Building

311 Pennsylvania Avenue
Webster TX 77598

The Recreation Building houses the Recreation Division office and many of the programs held within the division. Three rooms are available for reservations. Room capacities and rates are as follows.

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

RoomCapacityResident / Webster Based Business OwnerNon-ResidentFor Gain or For Profit Event
Kitchen / Craft Room26No Charge$50$150
Multi-Purpose Room32No Charge$50$150
Activity Hall135No ChargeN/AN/A
Stage38No Charge$50$150
Damage Deposit (refundable)N/ANo Charge$100$100
Set Up / Take DownN/A$65$65$65

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

RoomCapacityResident / Webster Based Business OwnerNon-ResidentFor Gain or For Profit Event
Kitchen / Craft Room26No Charge$115$215
Multi-Purpose Room32No Charge$115$215
Activity Hall135No ChargeN/AN/A
Stage38No Charge$115$215
Damage Deposit (refundable)N/ANo Charge$200$200
Set Up / Take DownN/A$65$65$65

Reservation Conditions and Rules

  1. All reservations shall be on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservation will be made without a signed reservation agreement.
  2. All reservations shall be conducted on a non-bias, non-discriminatory basis.
  3. City-sponsored events shall receive priority over public reservations.
  4. Reservation time shall begin no earlier than 8 a.m.
  5. Reservations shall last no longer than four (4) hours, inclusive of clean up time.
  6. Reservation time shall expire at 10 p.m., regardless of start time, inclusive of clean up time.
  7. The key may be picked up at the Webster Police Department Dispatch Desk at the beginning of the reservation time and shall be returned to them immediately following the event.
  8. All persons who make reservations must be at least 21 years of age.
  9. There shall be no more than one (1) reservation per month. There shall be no more than three (3) consecutive reservations within a three-month period. This includes activities, clubs, and organizations. 
  10. NO SMOKING allowed inside of the building facilities. 
  11. NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises. 
  12. Throwing of rice, confetti, or birdseed is prohibited on the premises.
  13. The person making the reservation assumes full responsibility for any damages incurred to any City equipment or City buildings while the key is in their possession.
  14. Any damages caused during the function shall be reported to the Recreation Division at 281.316.4137 by noon of the first business day following the scheduled event.
  15. In the event that damages occur, the person making the reservation will reimburse the City of Webster within five (5) days after presentation of an itemized invoice.
  16. All items brought into the facility will be removed from the premises following the event, including placing all trash in the dumpster. 
  17. The kitchen shall remain available to all persons within the Recreation Building.
  18. CANCELLATION: The City reserves the right to cancel the usage of the facility if, in the sole discretion of the City, the facility is needed for municipal purposes. The City, upon cancellation, will return all deposits and will pay no other damages to the renter. 

Any person making a reservation who violates any of the terms and conditions of the reservation agreement as set forth herein shall be subject to the loss of privileges to reserve the facility in the future. Waiver of Liability and the Recreation Complex Reservation Agreement must be signed and submitted prior to use of the facility.


To make reservations, please contact Bryan P. Morgan, Recreation Manager:

  • Phone: 281.316.4137
  • Fax: 281.316.3771