City Manager

Michael K. Ahrens, City Manager, brings over three decades of public service and civic leadership to the City of Webster. Ahrens’ extensive experience in city management, economic development, and law enforcement, together with a long list of innovative, necessary, and highly successful projects initiated and completed under his tenure, have had a positive effect on the communities he has served. 

For 25 years, Ahrens presided as City Manager for the Cities of Mount Pleasant and Atlanta—both Texas municipalities. Some stellar achievements include parks and recreation projects, such as a 145-acre sports complex and award-winning 88-acre park that comprises multiple shareholders or entities; projects in public works, like a 100-year fresh water supply contract and new water and wastewater treatment plants—vital for a municipality’s long-term growth, development, and security; projects for municipal buildings—police, library, museum, and animal shelter; projects in economic development, such as revitalization of downtown districts, historic preservation programs, and expanding the City’s footprint through annexation.   

Ahrens’ accomplishments are the result of his working with people and organizations who are aligned in shared goals to solve problems and achieve solutions in a cost effective, efficient, and productive manner. Ahrens’ tenure demonstrates vision, leadership, and action that relies on fiscal responsiveness, partnerships, and teamwork.  

With 35 years of municipal service, Ahrens delivers a wealth of experience to the City of Webster. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Ahrens holds degrees and certifications in Administrative Leadership, Law Enforcement Technology, Public Management, and Law Enforcement Management.  

Mike Ahrens