Restoring Apollo Mission Control

Mayor Rogers at Mission ControlMayor Donna Rogers celebrates the opening of Historic Mission Control on June 28, 2019.

Kranz and Rogers
Legendary Apollo-era Flight Director Gene Kranz and Webster Mayor Donna Rogers rejoice in the historic renovation of Mission Control.

Opening the restored Mission Control, June 28, 2019

The City of Webster, NASA-Johnson Space Center, and Space Center Houston celebrated the opening of Historic Mission Control on June 28, 2019. The two-year project to restore the landmark Apollo Mission Operations Control Room was made possible by the City of Webster’s $3.5M contribution. Mission Control appears just like it did in 1969 with the historic Apollo 11 spaceflight to the Moon. Visitors to Space Center Houston can experience Historic Mission Control via tram tour and learn about the Apollo Mission Operations Control Room project.

City with a Mission  - Webster’s $3.5 Million Contribution

The City of Webster’s Mayor, Donna Rogers states, "The City of Webster is thrilled to be a part of the restoration of historic mission control. We knew that, in the words of Gene Kranz, failure to do this vitally important project was not an option! This historic, iconic project celebrates Webster’s connection to space -- the past, present, and future. Please know that the Apollo Missions Operations Control Room looks remarkable -- it appears as if we have time-traveled back to 1969 -- and we’ve just landed a man on the moon -- with our slide rules and Unix mainframe computers. There is no stopping the City of Webster, NASA-Johnson Space Center and our aerospace partners. Our past is remarkable, our present is riveting, and our future is wondrous."

Mayor at Ribbon CuttingMayor Rogers celebrates the ribbon cutting at the Apollo-era Mission Control Room.

Mission ControlNASA’s restored Mission Control Center can be toured while visiting Space Center Houston.

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