Community Oriented Policing

The Webster Police Department is committed to Community Oriented Policing.

Community Oriented Policing

  • broadens the role of the Police Department in the community and the role of the community in the Police Department. Consequently, this exposes us to issues which have traditionally been considered outside the realm of "official police intervention."
  • represents an approach that is akin to preventive medicine. Citizens and police personnel must strive to place more emphasis on preventing the disease, the causes of crime, than reacting or responding to the symptoms. To do this, the police and the citizens share the responsibility for controlling the conditions that influence crime.
  • is best defined as a style of policing in which the objectives, direction and emphasis of activities are jointly determined by the community and the police.

Officers and citizens work together through a consultation process to identify crime and non-crime problems. Prevention and resolution of these problems is achieved through adaptation of police methods and mobilization or resources from both the community and the Police Department.

This process of Consultation, Adaptation, and Mobilization is the heart of the community oriented policing style. By incorporating the tenets of problem solving, we can adopt a more creative and innovative approach to those problems that citizens expect us to handle. The task of addressing crime and non-crime problems is so complex, so pervasive that we must seek to improve the quality of community life by forming a practical partnership.

Teamwork is a must if we want to succeed in effectively reducing the impact of crime through partnership. All citizens must commit themselves to addressing public safety issues and crime prevention measures. This includes the involvement of:

  • Residents
  • Civic Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Government Officials
  • Members of the Media

Everyone has a part to play in the community oriented policing process. Collectively, we all have interests in the success of this endeavor; we have something to gain. Citizens of Webster are invited to participate in the establishment of goals and priorities in addressing community concerns. As either a private citizen or a member of an organized group, you can: Work with your neighborhood officers to identify quality of life issues (e.g., abandoned cars, deteriorated housing, drug-related activities, residential traffic problems, etc.)

  • Work with the Police Department to develop short-term goals as well as long-term goals that address neighborhood concerns.
  • Participate with your neighborhood officers to resolve neighborhood concerns.
  • Report crime and/or suspicious activities to the Police Department.
  • Seek to learn more about what type of services the Webster Police Department has to offer.

For more information Email Chief Pete Bacon at 281-316-4154.